Dr Carmen Murias MD MSc holds over 10 years of invaluable experience in the Facial Aesthetics and Oncology fields.

An Introduction

Dr Carmen Murias MD MSc holds over 10 years of invaluable experience in the Facial Aesthetics and Oncology fields.

With a focus on keeping up to date with the latest techniques in Aesthetic treatments, Dr Carmen has completed a plethora of advanced training schemes under the supervision of leading industry professionals, including several London’s prestigious Aesthetics Academies. As a curious and visionary person, she has collaborated as an investigator in several clinical trials. She continues to apply her enhanced understanding of varying medical fields throughout her work at various clinics in London and Spain.


Dr Carmen Murias deeply embraces a holistic approach when treating patients, delivering the ethos “refreshing over reversing”. Her belief is that Aesthetic treatments should enhance the natural beauty of the face, and that addressing underlying habits, emotional and social distresses and lifestyle choices should be a vital piece of that process. For this reason, Dr Carmen will evaluate your full medical history prior to offering any necessary treatment.


Dr Carmen Murias has shaped the style and processes of her career around the ancient symbol of Enso – meaning a ‘circle of togetherness’. The symbol, which is sacred in Zen Buddhism, is drawn in just one brushstroke, representing a manifestation of the artist at the moment of creation. It allows for no modifications and encourages the acceptance of our innermost self. This in turn symbolises the beauty in the imperfections we cannot change. The inability to draw a completely perfect circle, rather than one that’s full of imperfections is when we understand that the imperfections are what make the Enso symbol so beautiful. It draws on strength, elegance, confidence and one-mindedness.

These ideas are held close by Dr Carmen, who seeks to preserve the natural imperfections in her patients that makes them who they are. She aims to turn the microscope inwards to evaluate the mental wellbeing of patients, before considering aesthetics treatment. She reverses the signs of ageing and promotes joy and satisfaction, reducing body image concerns whilst enhancing self-confidence. Her aim is to promote natural attractiveness under the thesis that Aesthetic medicine is much more than just a professional skill, and that an innate natural artistic expression of elegance is vital to achieving the best results.